3 Types of Tech-Based Assistance All Solopreneurs Need

Solopreneurs, unlike other entrepreneurs and small business owners, are responsible for starting and running their businesses without help from business partners or employees. And as awesome as solopreneurship can be, juggling everything can be tough — especially if solopreneurs aren’t particularly skilled or interested in all aspects of running a business. But this is where outsourcing comes in. These tips from pros at the Restaurant Success Center will discuss three types of tech-based assistance all solopreneurs can benefit from.

Business Formation Services

Whether you are growing as a business or just starting out, it’s important to select the right legal structure for your business. And for most small restaurants, limited liability companies (LLCs) are the best options. LLCs offer liability protection, tax advantages, minimal filing paperwork, and greater flexibility in how the business is managed.

While the process of forming an LLC is slightly more complex than that of a sole proprietorship, online formation services take much of the weight off your shoulders. For a small annual fee, you’ll receive help with everything from preparing and filing your LLC to appointing a registered agent. You can file your LLC in person or by mail if you’d prefer, but you’ll need to review your state’s LLCs regulations before getting started.

Web, App, and Graphic Design

In addition to business formation services, a variety of web, app, and graphic design resources can be utilized by solopreneurs. A few options to consider include:

Freelance web, app, or graphic designers. These pros can help you to design a website, blog, portfolio, app, logo, business card, and other types of branding. Check out fiverr.

Online graphic design tools. You may already be familiar with Canva, but other graphic design tools include Stencil, Adobe Spark, PicMonkey, Pixlr, and Snappa.

Web development software. Some of the best options for solopreneurs include Wix, Duda, and Weebly. Of the three, Wix has a very simple to create website tool that includes online ordering which can save operators thousands of dollars in on-line order commissions.

Moreover, you may wish to hire a web developer if you’ll need help building or managing your new business website or portfolio. Dmitry Shamis of HubSpot shares some tips for hiring the right freelance web developer for your solopreneur business.

Marketing and Social Media

When you’re busy running a business without help from a team, one of the last things you may have time for is marketing yourself and managing your social media pages. However, this is once again where freelancers and online tech tools come in. For social media planning and publishing, for instance, you can use tools such as Hootsuite, CoSchedule, and MavSocial. Some social media tools are free to use, while others are paid.

For your other needs, you can use Mailchimp for email marketing, Google Analytics for measuring website traffic and customer data, and the Yoast SEO plugin for improving your search engine rankings and driving traffic to your site. If you need help coming up with unique ideas for your blog and social media pages, check out BuzzSumo, Pinterest Trends, and Exploding Topics.

If you’re ready to remove all of these tasks from your plate, you could hire a freelance virtual assistant, marketing specialist, communications coordinator, or social media marketer. If you’re looking for someone to produce content for your blog, the person you hire will need to have excellent writing skills as well.