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"The restaurant business is one of the most dynamic, fast paced, and sometimes personally draining industries that exists. Many dream of opening the next hot spot, risk it all, and then struggle to keep the doors open or find they have just created another full time job for themselves. I have been fortunate in my career to have excellent mentors to assist me in running profitable restaurants and developing exceptional teams. You can too! Just reach out to me today and let's get started! " 

                                                                              - Celeste, Founder, CEO

Celeste Young-Ramos

Founder and CEO

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Celeste Young-Ramos, PHR-Ca has always had a passion for the food service business. From her grade school lemonade stand to mastering all of the positions in the family restaurant, you could say that the restaurant business is in her genes. Celeste successfully operated her own family style restaurant, then made the move to corporate restaurants and joined an international Fortune 500 family restaurant chain. She quickly progressed in the management ranks from General Manager, Area Manager, and later went on to become a Regional Management Training Consultant, responsible for operations management and leadership development across ​55 restaurants in Southern California and Hawaii.

As Celeste built her restaurant consulting career, she moved to working with franchise owners both domestically and internationally to develop their businesses and staff as well. As a Franchise Business Consultant, Celeste managed operations, training and professional development across the greater Los Angeles area, Guam and New Zealand, leading her team to reach $90M in annual revenues.

She founded Restaurant Success Center, to share the experience and knowledge that she provided and gained by collaborating with corporate officers and multi-millionaire, multi-unit franchisees with independent restaurant owners. A leadership development expert, she feels just as comfortable interacting with food service owners and franchisees as she does working hands on with front and back of house staff. Celeste meets her clients where they are in their restaurant journey and combines on-target analysis along with humor, empathy, and care to ensure her teams and clients alike achieve maximum results.

The mission of the Los Angeles based restaurant consulting and training firm is to provide independent and franchise restaurant owners the tools and support they need to grow and expand their food service businesses. Clients enjoy high-quality restaurant consulting and coaching, cost-effective classroom and online training, Human Resources support, and operations analysis which result in increased sales, profits, and reduced guest and employee turnover.


Celeste is very active in the Los Angeles food community, the California Restaurant Association, and charitable events.  She is the President on the Board of Directors for the Restaurant Resource Council created by the SBA’s Women's Business Center which helps restaurants in the Greater Los Angeles area to be successful and profitable and on the Board of Directors for the International Association of Women San Fernando Valley Chapter.

Celeste is honored that the Restaurant Success Center was recognized by Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, at the 2018 Small Business Summit as Innovative Small Business of the Year and received a Nomination for the 2019 San Fernando Valley Business Journal Women’s Council. ​

She speaks at restaurant conferences, business organizations, and was a featured speaker at the 2018 Western Food Service Hospitality Expo in Los Angeles. 

Clients include Denny’s, Ihop, Coco’s Bakery Restaurant, Levy Restaurants, Child Care Resource Center (Los Angeles Head Start), and many other chains and independent restaurant operators.

Let's connect and see how Restaurant Success Center can help you to achieve your goals.  If you are doing well, we can help you to do even better.  If you are struggling, pick up the phone and call us now!  Don't lose another night's sleep. 

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