All health departments in the State of California require each restaurant to have at least one ANSI food safety certified manager. 


  • Foodservice operators are required to protect their investments and the health of their guests

  • All managers and supervisors receive this specialized training

  • At the Restaurant Success Center, we provide interactive training, live classroom instruction and test services

Manager Food Safety Certification Courses

Live Classrooms:
Classes are conducted by certified ServSafe instructors with in-depth food safety training & years of hands-on restaurant management experience. They relate the materials to real-world situations your managers will face, helping students gain the knowledge to pass the test and apply this knowledge to their daily management routines. 

Online Course:

Our online course is provided by Tap Series and the testing is conducted by Prometric. Note: There is no online test!  By law, the exam must be proctored in person and must be taken in the presence of a certified Prometric proctor or testing center. 


Upon passing the ANSI exam for both courses, the examinee will receive a certification for 5 years.

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Classroom exams are available in English and Spanish.  Chinese, Japanese, Korean,

French Chinese, and Large Print are available, however a two-week notice

will be required for these specials languages or pay for expedited shipping.  


Online classes and tests are available in English and Spanish.

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Manager Food Safety

Class + Exam

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  • Class instruction with certified instructor

  • Emailed Study Guide & Practice Test

  • ServSafe Certification Exam

  • Manager ServSafe Certification with passing score​

Reg. Price: $169

Now $149

Exam Only

(During class)

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  • Emailed Study Guide & Practice Test

  • ServSafe Certification Exam

  • Manager ServSafe Certification with passing score

Reg. Price: $109

Now $99

On-Line Training

​for Exam

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  • Online Class Training

  • Printable Study Guide and Practice Test

  • This does not include the exam.  The testing fee is $48 and paid directly to the testing center.  Combined cost $133.

Reg. Price: $99

Now $85
We guarantee our training.  If you don't pass after taking our classes, you can retake the class for free and receive a discounted price for retesting.*

*Applies only to classrooms. Online classes have other warranties. Please review it in the online description page. Large group discounts may be available. 


California Food Handler Training


  • Certificate validity: 3 Years

  • Approximate Time: 1.5 - 2 Hours

  • Compatibility: Computers, tablets and smartphones. 

  • Languages:  English and Spanish

Price: $ 9.95

Allergen Awareness Training


  • Certificate validity: 3 Years

  • Approximate Time: 1 Hour

  • Compatibility: Computers, tablets and smartphones

  • Language: English

Price: $ 14.95

RBS Alcohol Training


  • Certificate validity: 2 Years

  • Approximate Time: 1.5 Hours

  • Compatibility: Computers, tablets and smartphones

  • Language:  English

Price: $ 9.95

Mark Friedman Pinkberry

Mark Friedman, Pinkberry

"I attended Restaurant Success Center's ServSafe Manger Certification course.  The course materials are clear, concise and on point.  Our instructor, was an experienced food operator from a well-regarded national brand, and she really cared about making sure her students are in the best position possible to pass the exam.  I considered taking the course on line, but I think there is value in spending the time with a knowledgeable instructor who understands what to emphasize and can answer any questions.  I highly recommend the program."

Charmene Vega Mama Vega's

Charmene Vega, Mama Vega’s 

“My managers really enjoyed the Manager ServSafe class by Restaurant Success Center.  They returned with more awareness of food safety issues at our company and were motivated to maintain a safe  environment.”