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Avoid Restaurant Lawsuits! New 2023 CA Labor Laws for Restaurants

Is your restaurant in danger of incurring fines for neglecting to implement new labor law practices put into place for 2023?

Celeste outlined several key California labor law shifts in her recent YouTube video shared below. Here is a list of the labor laws and policies reviewed in the video:

Laws and Policies Reviewed in the Video

CA State Minimum wage increase

AB 257 Fast Food Recovery Act

SB 1162 Pay Scale Disclosure

AB 2693 COVID 19 Exposure Reporting

AB 1041 CA Family Rights Leave

SB 1044 Emergency Conditions

AB 2188 Protections for Off-Site, Off-Duty Marijuana Use

SB 1126 CA State-Run Retirement Program

Still have questions after watching the video? Send a note to Celeste or comment on her YouTube video so that others can learn from your questions.

Celeste will be making regular updates to her new YouTube channel. Consider becoming a subscriber for more helpful tips and trainings to help your restaurant increase profits and optimize operations!


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